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Thank you for your interest in our Gilbert dental practice. The entire dental staff is dedicated not only to restoring patient’s teeth and gums to health, but focuses on preventative care and patient education. Our office has a small, friendly atmosphere that puts our patients at ease. You will not find a crowded waiting room or have trouble scheduling timely appointments at this Gilbert dental practice.

Our practice has numerous specialties including Esthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry, Root Canal Therapy, Crown and Bridge, Dental veneers, Teeth Whitening, Porcelain Crowns, Dental Implants, Periodontics, Prosthetics and Pain Management.

Basics on each of dental emergency services

In case you find yourself in the need of a dental emergency, then below are few tips to assist you until you can reach emergency dental centers:


Toothache – If someone has toothache in that case, few things can be done to lessen this discomfort. Take warm water and rinse your mouth to remove any kind of food lodged between your teeth. If you have swelling, then utilize a cold compress outside your cheek or mouth. But, never use aspirin because it might damage your gums.

Broken/Chipped Tooth

Broken/Chipped Tooth – If your break or chip your tooth, then don’t panic about it and try to use warm water to rinse your mouth. If it is bleeding then try to gauze the place and put light pressure on the bleeding tooth.

Knocked-out Tooth

Knocked-out Tooth – If your tooth is knocked out, then immediately contact emergency detail hospital for immediate action.

Crown Dislodged

Crown Dislodged – Use warm salt water to remove any kind of dirt present in the crown and later on put denture adhesive or dental cement to put the crown again back over your tooth. Never super glue it and try to contact to seek immediate appointment.


Abcess– It is another serious infection in our mouth, which can be easily recognized as the pimple like swelling on the gum and is very painful.

Tongue or Cut Lip

Tongue or Cut Lip: By utilizing warm salt water rinse your mouth and put ample pressure to stop the bleeding area.

Broken Jaw

Broken Jaw: In case, your feel that your jaw is broken then safeguard your head by scarf, necktie or towel.

Lost filling

Lost filling – Use the warm water to rinse mouth and put a small piece of any type of sugar free gum in the cavity.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding Gums – The infection in the gum line is known as bleeding gum and can cause bone and tooth loss, hence if you see bleeding at the time of brushing, immediately call help.



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Dental Design Studio

At Dental Design Studio we are committed to providing quality dental care to the entire family at affordable prices. We value our patients and their time, which is why we offer extended hours. Our dentists believe in educating our patients so that they can make informed decisions when choosing their dental treatment. Our state-of-the-art facilities are located in Phoenix, Gilbert and Scottsdale, and are now open Monday – Friday, Saturday by appointment. Consultations and second opinions are always free. Please give us a call if you have any questions, we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Offices in Phoenix, Scottsdale & Gilbert

Dental Design Studio provides affordable family dentistry in Gilbert, Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona.


The best and most efficent Dentist I have been to in a long time. I had a broken wisdom tooth (stupid popcorn seed ) and set up an appointment on ZocDoc for 5pm, within 5 minutes of me setting the appointment they called me and informed that spot was taken, but dont worry if you can come now we will squeeze you in, this was at 2:00 pm I work in North Scottsdale on 101 and Frank Lloyd Wright, it is a 30 min + drive. I got there a little after 3 pm filled out the paperwork, gave insurance info and was taken back within 15 min. was seen Xrayed, diagnosed, cracked wisdom tooth pulled out, got meds at CVS and back to work in North Scottsdale by 4:45pm Thank you for treating a new patient just like I have been with you for 20 years. You have a patient for life.. Thanks Jake Dupont

Christopher A.

Dental Design Studio, Gilbert, AZ

Great experience! Everyone was friendly and the place was nice, clean, and inviting. The dentist took time to talk with me. I felt like a person not just an appointment. I would recommend this place to anyone. They have a new patient special to make it worth trying. I am glad I went and plan to return again.

Christa D.

Dental Design Studio, Gilbert, AZ

I had to go to the dentist, these guys had great prices compared to other places I have called. I was able to be seen without much delay and get some major needed work done to get me out of pain and fast. I then had them do a complete workover on me since it has been 5 years since I had last seen a dentist. They did a great job on all my teeth, the Dentist was doing his best to make sure I was not in pain and when I was and I had to raise my hand, he would stop, apply more of the anistetic, then continue once it was gone. All the crowns and fillings are holding nicely 6+ months later down the road and I will be seeing them again because the lady that does the cleanings there does a great job and has one of the top of the line cleaners! I definitly recommend this place to anyone!

Jonathan S.

Hatcher Dental Care, Phoenix, AZ

5 star service from the moment you walk-in until you leave. I highly recommend Dayna as a Dental Hygienist, she is caring and gentle while also making sure you get an excellent cleaning every time. Debra at the front desk is always on top of reminding me about my appointments which is very helpful with my busy schedule. I’ve seen two dentists here and both were excellent. Check out Scottsdale Dental Studio, you will not be disappointed.

Jordan E.

Scottsdale Dental Studio, Scottsdale, AZ

I have been seeing Dr. Gilbertson for 5 years now. He is very personable and easy to talk to. I am pleased with his staff and glad he was able to establish a successful partnership with Scottsdale Dental Studio.

Anthony Z.

Scottsdale Dental Studio, Scottsdale, AZ

By far the best Dental Studio i have been too. Staff is great and knowledgeable, place is well-kept, and the prices are unbelievably low! Will be recommending to friend and family!

Raul S.

Dental Design Studio, Gilbert, AZ

I am very impressed! The girls were very nice and sweet. The Dr. Is very thorough, educated, knowledgeable, understanding, respectable and I definitely will return if need be. This is the best experience I have had with a dental office. I am very pleased!

Tomas G.

Hatcher Dental Care, Phoenix, AZ

I cannot praise Dr. Badyal and his staff at Scottsdale Dental Studio enough! Dr. Badyal was recommended by a family friend four years ago. From the very beginning Dr. Badyal and his staff provided a very professional and caring environment. He has many locations which makes it easy to get an appointment that works around my schedule. I live in northern phoenix and would drive all the way to chandler just to get an appointment with Dr. Badyal. I have gone to Scottsdale Dental Studio for regular cleanings, root canals and to replace my veneers. Dr. Badyal and his staff have made sure to provide me with excellent care. They also took the time to make sure I was completely satisfied with my teeth. I now have the confidence to smile BIG, thanks to the staff at Scottsdale Dental Studio. I recommend this practice to my friends, family and anyone who seeks excellent dental care in a warm, caring and professional environment.

Nicole B.

Scottsdale Dental Studio, Scottsdale, AZ

Porcelain Veneers

Download our Affordable Dental Veneers Coupon. This special is for porcelain veneers. Learn more about affordable dental veneers in Arizona.

ZOOM Whitening

Take advantage of our zoom teeth whitening specials: $99 for Whiter Teeth in About an Hour! Call to book your appointment today!


Invisalign Express from $2700 & Invisalign Full or Invisalign Teen at $3900 is available at our dental locations  in Phoenix, Scottsdale & Gilbert area.

Dental Crowns

We believe that everyone deserves a beautiful smile. That’s why we deliver the best at a price that won’t be found anywhere else in Arizona. Call us now to take advantage of our crown special.

Cosmetic Dentist Phoenix, Scottsdale & Gilbert AZ

Our Dental Design Studio dentist is available to help you with all your dental needs whether you need a regular cleaning and checkup or you need oral care such as root canals and titanium implants we guarantee you will get kind and gentle dental care at our Phoenix, Scottsdale or Gilbert office.

You can rest assured that your healthcare is as important to us as your cosmetic appearance which is why we offer quality diagnostics for cancer or heart disease and we have newer digital x-rays so we can pinpoint any problems with your teeth and gums. Our diagnostics tools will enable us to recommend and provide the best care you can expect for your dental care.

Many people do not get proper dental care due to concerns about costs. That is why we have a new and improved financing program in our offices to assist you with the costs of quality dental care.
Our program is an Easy Financing Plan referred to as DDSVIP. It is financed with a local company.
Features of this financing plan include:
• 0% interest with an easy installment payment plan
• Higher approval rate than other plans
• Low down payments
• Application is free.

We are available for first and second opinions for your dental care so you can make an informed decision about what you want and need to have a happy and healthy mouth. Dental care is more than a nice smile, though. Your gum care is a first line of defense against deeper medical issues. So if your dentist informs you that you may have heart disease, cancer, or other issues with your health, at least take them at their word and go to your general practitioner for further testing. Your Dentist cares about your health and so should you.

We strive to provide you and your family with professional, caring, and gentle care. Our easy financing will help you afford the very best. So, if you need crowns, veneers, or teeth straightening, we can help you. If you moved into the area and you are looking for a new dentist we are here for all your dental needs. Dental Design Studio is serious about you and your teeth. But we remember to smile too.

Dr. Badyal graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry in 1998… Read More »

Dr Mannie Badyal, DDS

Dr. Mark P. Yates graduated from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, Boston, MA in 1986. He has practiced dentistry… Read More »

Dr Yates

Hi my name is Donita. I attended Apollo College and Chandler Gilbert Community College. I’ve been working in Dentistry since 1981 in the areas of front office, dental assisting and have work experience in a dental lab. I have always kept my passion for dentistry and love educating patients to make sure all their dental needs are met… Read More »

Donita, Office Manager


Dental Hygienist


Dental Assistant


Very Good Dental Office – I came here after calling around and finding out that they accept my dental insurance – and they’re just a few blocks from my office, which is nice.

I came in for a root canal and before the dentist got started, I asked about teeth whitening. It was good to get the info before hand, I decided to wait on having that done, but I was glad that I got the info and could make an educated choice on having that done.

The root canal wasn’t as painful as I was thinking it would be and the dentist was very gentle. I appreciate how well the procedure went and coming to a clean and friendly dental office makes a world of difference. I was pretty tense and not looking forward to having this done – the staff here was so friendly, they worked hard to put me at ease before getting started on what I needed to have done.

I’m very pleased overall, they take my insurance, are very courteous, and the dentist did everything he could to answer my questions.

Jemma T.

No need to fear this dentist!! Great Office & Staff! – I, like most people, do not enjoy going to the dentist. So I unwillingly dragged myself here one day for a routine cleaning. They have some awesome technology at this office, and I was actually starting to enjoy myself, only to find out I needed a root canal. Eeeek!

I was wrong. The Doctor and his assistants did an amazing job. I felt no pain at all during the entire procedure. They spray a numbing agent in your mouth before the shots so those don’t even hurt! They took such great care of me. I was really impressed. Two days later I am a little sore, but nothing unmanageable.

Overall, this office is very professional, on the cutting edge of dental technology, and best of all, friendly and empathetic. I would highly recommend their practice to anyone looking for a dentist in the area.


Dental Design Studio, Gilbert, AZ

I really liked this office. I was able to get in right away. The doctors are all great and made me feel very comfortable. All my questions were answered and the finances were explained as well. The front office knew everything about insurance and had financing help as well. From my phone call to the end of the visit, it was much more than I expected. So happy I found them.

Sharonlyn C.

Dental Design Studio, Gilbert, AZ

Overal Rating: 5 stars
Review Headline: good visit-very nice office
About the Office: 
Office cleanliness: 5 stars
Staff friendliness: 5 stars
Short wait time: 5 stars
Chairside manner: 5 stars
Explained treatment: 5 stars
Review Description: Very friendly place

Date: Thu, Sep 11, 2014 at 9:15 AM

Kathy G.

Dental Design Studio, Gilbert, AZ

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Badyal’s for 6 years now. Dr. Badyal is professional, knowledgeable, friendly and courteous. I’ve recommended Dr Badyal to many friends and will continue to do so. Thanks for the great service!! JB


Dental Design Studio, Gilbert, AZ

Overal Rating: 5 stars
Review Headline: Totally satisfied with this dentist
About the Office: 
Office cleanliness: 5 stars
Staff friendliness: 5 stars
Short wait time: 5 stars
Chairside manner: 5 stars
Explained treatment: 5 stars
Review Description: Dr. Richner is outstanding. Great dentistry, and he is very caring about my personal needs and concerns. The staff folks are friendly, like friends who are sincerely interested in your welfare. Great experience!

Date: Fri, Aug 29, 2014 at 11:15 AM

Tom H.

Dental Design Studio, Gilbert, AZ

I have been going to see Dr. Badyal for 8 years now. I recommended him to my mother. She refered him to my Aunt. Now my Mom, Aunt, Uncles, and Grandparents go to see him. The facility and staff are top notch quality and I would recommend anyone go there for great dental service at a fair price!

Shane Strickland

Dental Design Studio, Gilbert, AZ

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