Careers at Dental Design Studios

Join the team that makes going to the dentist an experience you actually look forward to

Wherever you decide to go, the cost of your dental care includes the time of your dentist, hygienist, and the office staff members who handle and safeguard your confidential records. What you pay also covers materials, implants, supplies, and medicines. Our fees are affordable — even out of pocket — because our multi-branch approach allows us to control administrative and operational costs, focusing on quality care.

We also are able to offer a full range of office services, from our efficient, friendly reception to a personalized new-patient process. As for insurance coverage, please do not feel compelled to sift through your provider's complicated directories or phone systems. Simply contact our staff at 602-775-5656, with your insurance information on hand, to confirm.

Below are the positions

1) Dentist

2) Dental Hygienist

3) Studio Manager

4) Dental Assistants

5) Front Desk Associates

Friendly, Straightforward Recommendations

Whether the treatment is cosmetic or medically necessary, our suggestions are always backed up by facts. We take the time to go over charts, x-rays, and other technical information with our patients, highlighting the points that inform our recommendations.

In short: We want you to understand why we offer you specific treatment options. You will get a friendly, professional analysis of your situation, as well as a copy of your medical images that you can analyze yourself or share with other dental practitioners.

We look forward to seeing you soon. Hours differ based on the location, so please feel free to call 602-775-5656 if you have a specific time in mind.

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